Who Will Cradle Me When the Darkness Falls

Who will cradle me when the darkness falls?

When his last breath is offered and he slips through my fingers like grains of sand

       becoming part of the beach we once shared as our own

When his loving light no longer shines

When my heart falls to pieces on the ground like a difficult puzzle which I will never put back together

When my eyes no longer watch his every move, his smile, his eyes…his face…his…face

When my soul is crying so loud it becomes silent

When my hand reaches for his and only air passes through my longing fingers

Where will I be then?

Who will I be…then?

I hold him carefully in my arms as we lie together

wondering where has it all gone?

The time, laughter, energy, music, the life…the life… we shared so vibrantly

I am part of him with all of my heart, all of my soul 

I give him all that I have to give…unconditionally

So I wonder…when the darkness falls all around him…all around us…who will cradle my heart as I cradle his? 

Who will be there when I fall?

I will be wrapping my loving arms around my family…keeping him with us…always

Reminiscing…remember the time when…remember when he did…remember when he said…remember when?

The darkness will fall at the end of each day and I’ll be alone in my empty bed still wondering…

How did we get here?  How did I get……..here? How will I survive when half of my loving heart is gone…

Who…who…who will cradle me when the darkness falls?

by Lynne Johnson 9.23.19

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