Life is for the Birds

Today is a very foggy day on Cape Cod. As I look outside my window, I see the variety of bird feeders and birdbaths we’ve recently put in our yard, filled with many of the most beautiful New England birds we’ve come to love. Oh yes, I keep a list. The birds fly in and out of our yard giving both Paul and I a lot of simple pleasure. We call the morning breakfast shift “the bird show”. It’s amazing to watch and hear. It’s quiet in our neighborhood most days, and around 8 am every day we can only hear the various melodious songs and urgent calls of the local birds. I think the birds know we need to see their beautiful colors, and to hear their gorgeous melodies. They breathe life into our quiet existence and take us away from whatever challenges we might be experiencing in our world of Cancer.

What makes me infinitely happy, is seeing their willingness to sustain their lives by searching and finding the sustenance they need to survive. They are forever vigilant on their perch or branch, making sure that they are not going to be swooped up by a hungry predator and they make courageous attempts to get seed, suet and water, all the while knowing they are in potential danger. They work so hard to make sure they feed themselves, their partners, their community and their young. They have a schedule, a method, a determination and they are on point every day working to sustain their lives. Life is therefore, for the birds. I am trying to take a page out of their feathery book by working harder to sustain life for my husband and myself in only the best way possible. Life is a gift and we need to be vigilant at our perch.

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