Naturopathic Oncology

When one is literally faced with life or death decisions, choices are made with the utmost care and a very thoughtful yet challenging process. This was our experience when my husband, along with my blessing, decided to move forward with Naturopathic Oncology to integrate with his current Cancer treatment.

A decision like this one is more than difficult because there are so many people around you with so many opinions. You hear a large variety of various experiences with family or friends who have been through Cancer either themselves or with a loved one. It’s mind boggling how many people have been connected to someone with Cancer.

My take on the talk of Naturopathic Oncology has been that it is a positive life changing experience for most people. I have heard several stories about people who were at death’s door and come back to life with the Naturopathic route, and are now Cancer FREE. I have yet to hear of any bad experiences. Maybe those stories don’t come forward because people don’t want me to hear the negative side. I truly don’t know. But hearing the positive results from so many made our ears perk up and we couldn’t not try it.

To be honest, we are playing with time here, and some real money (insurance is a no go), so we are really taking a chance with our lives on so many different levels. We have to believe that we are doing the right thing for Paul and nothing else can matter right now.

Speaking of the “right thing” it is my belief that doctors don’t really know what is exactly right for every single individual, and they rely on their experience, along with trial and error when treating patients. They also know full well that what works for one person may not for someone else, and visa versa. It is with this mindset and the first hand experience of our good friend also going through Cancer, that we decided to move forward with a more natural route, knowing that it may be trial and error. We feel that it is worth the risk. She had been on the program for awhile now and her detailed account the positive effect on her “numbers” were amazing. She looked and felt vibrant and alive. It was enough for us. We thought it would be worth a shot.

Thanks to our successful friend, we also knew what to expect going into the first appointment and how daunting the first few weeks would be. Not only is there a overflow of supplements specific for him and his Cancer, but there is a complete diet overhaul. As the “kitchen manager” at home, having a diet change was a bit overwhelming at first. We were healthy eaters, or so we thought. Fortunately, I had already begun a big change in my own diet for health and weight reasons, so it was somewhat compatible and not a complete nightmare. I decided to view it as a fun and creative adventure!

The Naturopath Oncologist, after examining my husband and viewing his medical information, provided a highly detailed booklet made just for him which outlined every supplement and why he was going to be taking it, as well as all of the foods he could and could not eat getting started. No sugar, no grains, no fruit (turns to sugar), no beans, no carbs, certain vegetables, no dairy, specific spices, and nuts, seeds, fish and animal protein. Protein, protein, protein! The hundreds of supplements were a bit astounding at first, but thanks to our friends’ experience and help, we expected it and dove right in with a very organized approach.

Our diet now consists of organic foods, grass fed beef (for him, tofu for me), certain wild fish, almond milk, nut butters, nut cheese, and a whole foods clean approach to living. You’d be surprised what has sugar in it. It’s amazing! I’ve always loved to cook and have a creative mind, so I’ve been whipping up all kinds of healthy goodies on my own and with the help of the internet. I know how to modify recipes and add a little extra this and that for flavor. We are only on week three for him, but things are going well in the kitchen and with the supplements. Paul is a champion supplement taker. Thank God! He never complains and is amazing.

We are concerned about weight loss for Paul, because he had lost a total of 75 lbs overall since February of 2018. He has only lost a few pounds so far in this new process which is expected at the beginning, but should be leveling off. It takes about 3 – 4 weeks to actually feel the benefits of cleaning out your body of all the old toxins and making room for the new healthy nutrients.

Our hope is that Paul will find new energy, his cancer medication will truly have room to do its job without all the unnecessary toxins in the way, his Cancer medication side effects will wane, and we both will benefit by living a clean and healthy life from now on. Hopefully this regimen will help to take away many of the other medications he’s had for past issues as his body gets healthy and can then attack the Cancer full time. This is our hope. We are taking it a day at a time. It is also our hope that moving forward, Paul will someday not have to take his targeted Cancer medication anymore and will be Cancer FREE.

I will leave you with a poem :

by Lynne Johnson 

Your Body is ... complex
   with intricate pathways
cells and neurons
   plasma and fluid
veins and vessels.
  it is lymphatic and circulatory
it is unique and it is Yours

nourish Your Body with Hope
   send life to it's chambers
feed your cells
   love it's soft, fluid, ever changing system
changing continuously...
   breathe Hope into yourself

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