“Caretaker”or “Caregiver”

"Care taking" or "taking care" are odd phrases
You can't "take" care from someone, but you can certainly "give" care
Or is it the person who is "taking care" from the  "caregiver"?
Odd, isn't it?  To use the words "give" and "take" in the same way.
He wants to "take care" of himself, but cannot.
I want to "give care" to him and do so willingly and lovingly as his "caregiver "and his "caretaker".
Then there is the phrase "look after".  Again...what an odd phrase.  Am I "looking after" Paul?
I was "looking before" at Paul, so what does it mean to look "after?"  Does that suggest that he is gone?
I really am asking myself these questions.  The English language is so unusual sometimes.
At any rate, I will "look after", "give care", "take care", "mind" (uh, oh, there's another one), and "tend" my
husband's every need because he is the love of my life and I would walk to the end of the earth with him.

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